Pioneering the Future of Cardiac Health

Our mission

Neocor’s mission is to uncover novel innovative therapeutic approaches for heart regeneration and repair.

Neocor is dedicated to pioneering transformative therapies in cardiac care.

Our mission is to address the critical challenges in treating cardiac diseases, focusing on preventing cardiomyocyte death, promoting cellular regeneration, and halting fibrosis to preserve heart function.

By innovatively targeting the root causes of heart disease, Neocor aims to revolutionize cardiac treatment, prevent the progression toward heart failure, and significantly improve both the lifespan and quality of life for those suffering from cardiac conditions.

We are committed to advancing heart health through groundbreaking research, therapeutic innovation, and a relentless pursuit of solutions that regenerate, repair, and renew.

Our approach

Our technology combines two distinct and complementary approaches to treat ischemic and rare genetic cardiac diseases.

Our Founding Team

We form a highly complementary and seasoned team mixing entrepreneurial spirit and scientific expertise in the field of cardiovascular research.

Matthieu Metz
Matthieu MetzCEO - Founder
Ecole Centrale Paris.
Master of Science, UC Berkeley.

Matthieu has various experiences in innovative fields. Prior to founding Neocor, he cofounded and led Innixim, a dental imaging tech firm, from 2014 to 2021, from R&D to an exit to a market leader.
Francesca Rochais
Francesca Rochais CSO - Founder
PhD - Research Supervisor

Francesca is the head of the “Heart Development and Cardiac Regeneration” team within Marseille Medical Genetics, with a focus on cardiac physiopathology and regeneration.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Meet our Scientific Advisory Board, a diverse group of distinguished global experts from academia and industry who will help us guide our cutting-edge research.

Dr Rodolphe Fischmeister
Dr Rodolphe Fischmeister
INSERM Research Director

Rodolphe has a deep expertise in heart failure and therapeutic innovation.

Dr Thierry Bordet
Dr Thierry Bordet
CSO of Eyevensis.
Thierry's expertise includes rare diseases, gene therapy and clinical trials.
Dr Sanda Robelet
Dr Sanda Robelet
CSO of Syncrosome
Sandra is an expert in preclinical studies for cardiovascular pathologies
Pr Jean-Sebastien Hulot
Pr Jean-Sebastien Hulot
Pr of Medicine, Cardiology, Pharmacology at HEGP Paris
Jean-Sébastien has a deep knowledge of cardiac diseases, gene therapy and clinical trials.

Our Partners

Their support fuels our collective ambition.

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